Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've started applying to college and it's really exciting and weird at the same time. I don't feel like I should be a senior in high school, but that's probably because seniors in high school on TV are well groomed and 28 years old and I am neither of those things.

Focusing on writing college essays is really hard because APPARENTLY IT'S NOT SCHOLARLY TO USE ALL CAPS?! But, in the mean time, I've been really good at collecting images for future dorm room inspiration.
Yeah I know this is a little kids room. Do you have a problem? I have been searching for the perfect rainbow afghan at thrift stores for so long, but I am weary of buying a used blanket (BED BUGS).
Fringe curtains would be so awesome to hang against the wall or in the middle of the room, in case I end up with, like, a nudist roommate and need some privacy.
I can't wait to hang some twinkle lights and string pretty things on the walls. Do you think a Hanson poster would match this motif, yes? No?

(image sources: 1. 2. 3.)


  1. I had a nudist roommate my first year...I could've used those fringe curtains. I actually have a rainbow afghan that my grandma found for me (they're good at that stuff). I like the idea of hanging the images from string. Good luck with the apps!

  2. Fringe curtains and twinkle lights would look nice and are easy to find, not to mention reasonably well priced!

    xx Grace

  3. so awesome! and some cute little vintage tins would go down a treat xo

  4. sick blog! really cute dorm ideas, in Australia people mainly live at home till about 23, or move out into little shared houses with friends earlier, this whole american dorm culture is really fascinating :)

    much love, alexa

  5. Gabby sometimes you just say these things and I am like "uuugh this is why we're soul sisters" I REALLY WANT A RAINBOW AFGHAN. This summer, since it'll be the first summer in awhile where I'll actually have NOTHING to do, I think I want to learn a bunch of crafts (screenprinting, actually sewing things, etc.) and I was thinking about learning how to crochet an afghan blanket w/the squares because I just love them so much and I want one with really obnoxious colors.

    Also I have been thinking about my door room A LOT because I love my room so much. Will my room mate let me turn on my lava lamp at night??? Also I have this little triptych mirror from my childhood that I want to bring with me to college IT'LL BE SO CUUUUTE I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE A DORM ROOM

  6. o college is oh so scary!
    but maybe when i attend i can prettify my dorm...

    also i wish i looked like a 28-year old high school student; really.