Monday, October 31, 2011

B. Page

I know, I know, one month and no post?  I've been bogged down by ~teen stuff (college apps, homework, clubs, releasing pent up aggression at metal concerts etc.), but I have managed to fit in some embroidery!
I'm working on this depiction of Bettie Page for art class. I found the vintage plaid fabric and the green fabric at two different thrift stores on the same day and knew they were the perfect match for this project. The arts and crafts gods are smiling upon me, for sure.

Tonight is Halloween and I am going to be Zombie Deschanel. What are you guys dressing up as?



  1. oh my god that is so cute! I want to embroider like that! good idea, I went as Poison Ivy :) xx

  2. Gahh, your embroidery is absolutely incredible! Bettie Page was just gorgeous.

  3. Love Betty! ♥ She is the Queen of Sexy Woman!_!
    I want to see ur costume of Zooe, I love her!!! :D

  4. hey my name is lina and i love your blog very much! i have an photographie-blog. maybe we can have a mutual imagination blog. so you take a post, where you show my blog and i do this, too.
    it will be very nice :-)
    if you want to do this, then leave a comment on my blog ! :)

    with love ♥ lina.

  5. Aaarghhh!!! Lovin the Betty P vibe!!

    Make sure you post the final piece. Love seeing your work on here

    Kate Jean x Lou & Chow