Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY FOR DUMMIES: denim vest

I've been wanting a denim vest for awhile, but haven't found one to my liking. All of the ones I found at thrift shops looked like they'd fit a large guy in a motorcycle gang and also smelled like a large guy in a motorcycle gang. All of the ones I found at the mall had that lame new, but trying to look distressed thing going on. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?

I was looking for my raincoat  last weekend and I stumbled upon this denim jacket that belongs to my mom. She hasn't worn it in awhile, so I convinced her to let me have it and cut the sleeves off. It's Liz Claiborne. Is there anything more punk rock than a Liz Claiborne denim vest? I THINK NOT.

 Put your jacket on a flat surface. I used my bed.
 Cut a little with your scissors just before the sea of the sleeve. Then cut around the sleeve. Repeat on the  other side. If you want frayed edges, leave a little border of denim from the sleeve and put the vest in the wash a few times.
That's it! You could attach some studs or embroider your name if you're feeling super crafty. I love wearing my vest in place of a cardigan because it creates the illusion in my mind that I am cool!

Do you ever borrow steal your mom's clothes? More importantly, is anyone else watching the "Going Into Labor Day" marathon on Lifetime right now?!



  1. What a fun project!
    The end result looks great!

    xx Grace

  2. I have multiple jean jackets collecting dust in my closet that would be perfect for this! Thanks for the idea!