Thursday, August 25, 2011


Justin Bieber is kind of haunting my life you guys and I don't like it. Last week he was shopping on Walnut Street in Philadelphia (according to the local news) and  I had gone shopping on Walnut Street in Philadelphia last week too! THEN, I embroidered him. CREEPY STUFF, RIGHT?
I am kind of exaggerating, I GUESS. It was my friend Lisa's birthday this week and she is really into Justin Bieber, so I made this for her. His necklace says her name in a heart! I pay attention to detail and retain information, despite what the teachers who made me repeat preschool will tell you!
Here I am looking hot! I am wearing my Rodarte for Target dress over a pear print Espirit top from the early nineties. I also wore a thin navy belt, but you can't see it...I'M A FASHION BLOGGER.

The jury is still out on what I think of Justin Bieber. I think it's better that tween girls are obsessing over a heartthrob who is under 18 and not a (known) drug addict rather than like that guy from Twilight who kind of looks like a foot. But I can't get into his music and he reminds me too much of this kid I went to elementary school with who got his hair professionally highlighted in THE FOURTH GRADE and bragged about listening to gangster rap on his Ipod, which was a big deal because this was when Ipods cost $500 and weighed 2 pounds and I was in THE FOURTH GRADE.

What do you guys think of Justin Bieber? Have you ever made someone a gift from scratch? More importantly, did you go to elementary school with some weirdos too?



  1. omg this is a genius blog, just all of it! repeating preschool musta set you on your way, girl.
    i have no opinion on Justin Bieber except for him saying that he thinks he's the Kurt Cobain of his generation because LOL. but i don't hate him for saying that cause he was probably like 12 at the time and no one was quoting me when i was 12, that's for sure.

  2. I love your blog a lot. Update more pleeeease I love what you write and your photos! <3

  3. ha. Yeah, Robert Pattinson kind of DOES look like a foot! *gag twighlight gag* but that doesn't make me like jb more. not in the slightest. I prefer jm (Joni Mitchell!) and other music that enriches my life.