Wednesday, May 30, 2012


HI THERE! Here is an update on my life in iPhone photos.
I GOT INTO COLLEGE! I will be calling Barnard home for the next couple of years. If you live in New York, contact me if you're interested in recreating the plot of The Muppets Take Manhattan with me in the fall.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT ACCOMPLISHMENT: found this perfectly worn Justin Bieber t-shirt at Goodwill. If you think that I am wearing this ironically, we cannot be friends. I have gotten Bieber fever ever since I found out that he loves fondue as much as I do.

 The way to a teenage girls heart is funfetti batter. It is the nectar of the goddesses. Here are some funfetti cakes balls that I made that did not fall apart!
 My vintage apron collection is multiplying.
I embroidered my family (not literally ew gross). This is my dad.
I embroidered a gang girl. This is not my dad.
I went to prom! I am literally prom's biggest fan. There is nothing like flailing your arms to "Call Me Maybe" while admiring how shockingly good your schoolmates look when they bathe and put on jewel toned polyester outfits.
 BEHOLD: I found satin Christian Louboutins at Goodwill for $9.97. They are probably the most luxurious item I've ever owned, therefore I will inevitably spill spaghetti sauce on them.
 Melamine cups, vintage patterns, floral sheets, and other exciting thrift store finds.
 Iced coffee tastes better when served from a cup featuring small children with no reproductive organs!

I graduate high school in less than two weeks. I should probably be nostalgic and all, but I truly cannot wait to be able to pee without asking for a pass to the bathroom.



  1. i don't mean to be a creep but omg I found your blog through Hazel's and you are so qt! I love that Biebz~ outfit and your goodwill finds! ^^

  2. WAIT WAT. Your prom photos are straight from a movie...

  3. ALL OF THE AWARDS! Congrats on getting into Barnard *virtual high 5* Also, I'm eternally jealous that you founds some loubitins at goodwill. THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR.

  4. congrats on Barnard! I visited this march and it looked supa nice. ~~

  5. WHAT!? I thrift constantly and have never found anything close to Louboutins. Anyway, they're nice!

    Congrats on getting into Barnard. The upper west side is such a great place for a college student!

    I enjoy your writing!

    x Peter @

  6. Haha...too funny. I, on the other hand, am not the biggest fan of prom but I love your description of it.

    I found your blog through I <3 Daily and I'm glad I did :)

  7. You look so beautiful in that prom picture O.O

  8. congratulations! love your blog and your style, by the way. hope you can check out mine!

    1. ^^^meant^^^

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