Wednesday, August 10, 2011

just start calling me Nigella.

It has come to the point in the summer where I am wearing the same shorts for three days straight because I am too hot and I don't care. I got kind of desperate today and went shopping in my KITCHEN.

That's right, I am wearing an apron as a dress. I think this is one of my best ideas yet. Not only is it pretty cute, but I can freely eat spaghetti while wearing it and say "It's fine that I splattered sauce on myself! That's what aprons are for!" Also, it should be noted that this is a wrap around apron, which means no children were scarred in the process of wearing it.

I wore it with these vintage leather wedges that I got a few weeks ago for $3.
Along with these earrings that were also $3!  The sage old man at the thrift store told me I would get far in life because I knew what I wanted re: me asking him to take the earrings out of the display case for me. So that was nice!


  1. Love your vintage stuff :) and can't believe they were $3!
    Please visit my blog too!

  2. You look really nice! Beautiful earrings

  3. The apron is a great idea indeed and the earrings are beautiful! The summer is too hot in Bulgaria as well but the last two days the weather is even kind of chilly so now I can actually wear something else :)


  4. Lovely photos! I saw you featured on Refinery29 here. Congrats!

    xx Grace

  5. you look so beautiful! wow <3

  6. Celebrate yout got your own style girl.